Vegas Night…

We’re really excited that Rea Valley Scouts are hosting an awesome fund-raising night in the theme of a Las Vegas style casino! Get a ticket and gamble with our mock money, try your hand at all the games and have a great time doing it. For tickets then message us through our Facebook page at

Come along to our fab Vegas Night...

Come along to our fab Vegas Night…

Beautiful Banners…

We’re over the moon that our beautiful banners have arrived and we can now promote the Birmingham Jamboree Unit far and wide! They look amazing out here and we can’t wait to get them to an event near you soon! Big thanks to Blackwell Adventure for supporting us with these!


Awesome Night at the JamHouse

We are really excited to launch one of our best fundraisers, a fantastic night of live music, entertainment and great company at The Jam House in St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham. The Dublin Jacks and Second City Soul are two awesome bands and tickets are a bargain £12.50… We can’t wait to see you there.

The Jam House will be an epic night! We cannot wait to see you there!

The Jam House will be an epic night! We cannot wait to see you there!

Beautiful Badges…

To celebrate the the fact there’s only 500 more sleeps until we depart the UK for the Jamboree in japan in 2015 we today have been celebrating with some of our best #JamboStats on Twitter and we launched our beautiful badges to the world… We’ve had permission from the County Commissioner so that every Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer, Network and Adult in Birmingham can wear them so we cannot wait to see them out there…

Our fabulous UB41 Unit badge, designed by the young people and refined by us!

Our fabulous UB41 Unit badge, designed by the young people and refined by us!

The spectacular neon badge for those special occasions...

The spectacular neon badge for those special occasions…

Our beautiful Gold & Ghost badge that are so limited edition you'll be lucky to get one... from anywhere!

Our beautiful Gold & Ghost badge that are so limited edition you’ll be lucky to get one… from anywhere!


Ready Steady Cook Challenge

We had an excellent unit meeting recently where the Scouts and Explorers from UB41 completed the Ready Steady Cook Challenge to make 12 meals in just over an hour from start to finish with a bag of random ingredients… Another event and anther 4 very proud leaders! Apart from the salty mash and the chilli bomb omelette everything was delicious and we’re so impressed by the ideas you had and the way you made the meals… Really good work Jambo Superstars!

UB41 - Ready Steady Cook from Birmingham Jamboree on Vimeo.

Barn Dance – Sat 22nd March 2014

Rea Valley jamboree Scouts and Explorers are really excited to bring to you an awesome BARN DANCE on Sat 22nd March 2014. It includes and awesome LIVE BAND, a free FISH & CHIP SUPPER and a really GREAT ATMOSPHERE…

It’s a bargain price for a great night out at just £8 for an adult ticket, £5 for a child ticket and £22 for a family (2 adults and 2 children – we can be flexibile to suit you though)…

Contact if you’d like to get any tickets!

Awesome Barn Dance

Your Scouts are Lovely

Today, once again, all four leaders were filled with pride as customer after customer complemented the young people of the Birmingham Jamboree Unit on their politeness, their helpfulness and their outstanding determination to be helpful. We could quote so many lovely things that people said about UB41, but we won’t because it’d only become embarrassing! Well done UB41, you’re very amazing!

We really are so proud of you!

We really are so proud of you!

Coffee and Jumble…

It’s another action packed Jambo Jumble Sale and Coffee Morning this weekend… If you’re out and about during the day then why no pop along to the Cole Valley Jambo Jumble Sale, and then head to Sam’s Tea, Coffee and Cake Cafe in Selly Oak… It’ll be a great chance to sit back, relax and have a great morning…!

Tea, Coffee and Cake at Sam's Cafe

Tea, Coffee and Cake at Sam’s Cafe

Come and grab a bargain at  the Cole Valley Jumble Sale

Come and grab a bargain at the Cole Valley Jumble Sale

Jambo Lotto Update – Week 5…

JamboLotto Banner

I’ve been on the edge of my seat all day waiting for the results of Jambo Lotto this week… The big news is that still nobody has won! Wow! So, here’s an update on where we are:

The numbers drawn this week were 22, 23, 25, 27, 28 and 46. The big money prize is £100 in cool cash, paid directly to the person who has all their lotto numbers drawn first from the normal Saturday night Lotto draw.

There are now three people at the top all waiting for just one more number, and then twenty eight people who need just two more numbers. It is so close that anybody could win now!

The three people who need just one number are:

  • Mike H (sold by Oliver L)
  • Simon C (sold by James B)
  • Benjamin K (sold by Josh K)

And the twenty-eight people who need two numbed are:

  • Iain W (sold by John N)
  • The Turkey Girls (sold by Oliver L)
  • Spencer G (sold by Sam W)
  • Ray B (sold by Annabelle H)
  • Joanne H (sold by Josh K)
  • Joan B (sold by Nathan R)
  • Josh K (sold by Josh K)
  • Rosanne B (sold by Megan R)
  • Marie (sold by Aaron W)
  • Lynda F (sold by Josh K)
  • Colin W (sold by Sam W)
  • Peter N (sold by John N)
  • A Hill (sold byJosh K)
  • Mike C (sold by Marcus H)
  • Julia C (sold by Sam W)
  • Kitty K (sold by Oliver S)
  • Sammy and Leila (sold by Tom W)
  • Lynne K (sold by Ryan W)
  • Jill D (sold by Harry Y)
  • L Coshell (sold by Volkan C)
  • Beryl T (sold by Hannah D)
  • Clive B (sold by Marcus H)
  • B Harwood (sold by Megan R)
  • George T (sold by Hannah D)

We can’t wait until next weeks draw to see who gets even closer, we might even have a winner…!  Follow us on twitter ( to see what we know as the numbers are drawn! Last weeks Jambo Lotto update is here.